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Radio control model aircraft kits

Scroll down the page to see our range of quality radio control model aeroplane kits, Fully laser cut range of quality model kits manufactured 100% in the UK , we take balsa lumber and cut to competition grade balsa sheet, then cut the sheet balsa, ply , plastics, depron and hardwoods into quality components using the latest laser technology, All components are laser cut unless specified.

We have been involved in model design for over 30 years and large scale kit manufacture in the toy and hobby industry since 1988, over 20 years of continuous kit and parts production

All our kits contain ALL the wooden parts, all stripwood , all laser cut sheeting and parts, the plans and parts are fully cad drawn for supreme accuracy, redrawn by an aeromodeler with 25 years experience in model design .

The Rainbow 010, the Dipstick 049/400 , the Flutterbug 049/400 , the Dipstick .020, the BuzzBipe micro rc bipe .010 , the Hand launch balsa glider kits range ( micro bird, mini bird, big bird, jetex arrow, carbo )

We have almost finished all our kits, and also some new ones!,  kits almost ready are the Von Blimp (.049-.10 aerobatic model) , Mini Flying Machine .049-.10 , The Damselfly.010 , The damselfly .049-.10, the Rainbow bipe .020, the rainbow bipe .049, The screwball 40, the Kombatz combat wing, The rainbow trainer .049, The Buzz-Batt flying wing, The searching 400 hand launch glider, The Stunt Machine .15, The Ripster 049-.10, The Ripster Racer .25 , The F15 Eagle,  The E machine electric aerobatic model.......... plus many others


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